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DRI is an impact investment manager providing social impact investing with above-market rate returns


DRI’s investments combine social responsibility with above-market rate returns. DRI is a certified social impact investment with an experienced management team. DRI has an investment focus on affordable housing and financing, distressed loans and alternative lending with a social impact focus towards preventing foreclosure, stabilizing distressed neighborhoods, creating jobs & providing financing for underserved communities. Learn more about our recent developments and recent impact pool acquisitions and outcomes here.

Investment Approach

Certified Impact Investment

The US Treasury has certified DRI as a FOR-PROFIT Community Development Financial Institution (“CDFI”)

CDFI Investment Advantages


Market Opportunity


The Team

DRI has a management team of mortgage industry professionals with decades of experience in both the distressed mortgage and community development banking sectors. Over the past twenty years, DRI’s team has been successfully acquiring, managing, and liquidating billions of dollars worth of loans in these markets.

DRI is currently raising capital for DRI Mortgage Opportunity Fund, L.P. (the “Fund”), a social impact fund focused on investing in non-performing and performing mortgage loans. DRI also offers a number of direct investment opportunities designed not only to achieve our community objectives, but also to provide our investors with competitive rates of return.

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