Management Team

Jeffrey Kirsch

Managing Director – Head of Mortgage Trading

Mr. Kirsch is responsible for providing oversight for DRI’s acquisition, management, rehabilitation, and liquidation of non-performing loans. Mr. Kirsch was Managing Principal for an investment banking firm and has over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate including long-standing relationships with private and public-sector sellers, such as banks, savings institutions, and mortgage and insurance companies. Mr. Kirsch oversaw more than $2.2 billion in mortgage transactions. Mr. Kirsch is considered one of the premier authorities in the non-performing loan sector, speaking frequently on the distressed residential mortgage market. Prior to co-founding an investment banking firm, Mr. Kirsch co-founded one of the largest shopping center companies in Florida, which subsequently sold its assets to a publicly traded REIT. Mr. Kirsch received his BA from the University of Miami and a JD from Brooklyn Law School and has been a member in good standing of the Florida Bar Association since 1975.

Christopher Aldridge

Managing Director – CDFI and Performing Loan Originations

Mr. Aldridge is a senior finance professional with 30 years of experience in banking, community development, investment banking, and insurance. Among his accomplishments: developed a de novo real estate operation for a nonprofit that generated more than $2 million in net surplus within 18 months. He has also designed alternative financing programs for low income families that were adopted by several large public entities in Michigan to facilitate sales of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) and HOME funded housing programs. Previously, Mr. Aldridge directed a $1 billion Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) investment and lending program for a large regional bank that included new market tax credits, venture financing, small business lending, and community development lending. As President of a regional bank’s corporate community banking and investments division, Mr. Aldridge managed a $400 million portfolio of various CRA loans and investments doubling the ROI on the banks community development assets. Mr. Aldridge‘s experience includes developing the first and only successful virtual insurance company that accumulated over $4 billion in assets with a seven-person staff. Additionally, Mr. Aldridge developed a proprietary investment programs for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies that generated over $20 billion in assets over a five-year period. As a Managing Principal for a boutique investment bank, he structured over $1 billion in funding contract transactions over an eighteen-month period. Mr. Aldridge earned a BA Degree in Economics from Harvard College and a Juris Doctor from Wayne State University.

Steven Kirsch

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining DRI, Mr. Kirsch was Senior Vice President at Westbourne Capital, a real estate private equity firm, where he was responsible for performance and oversight of the firm’s portfolios of distressed loans, REO and affordable housing. From 2006 to 2009, Mr. Kirsch was Vice President of Loan Originations and Acquisitions at Seabreeze Financial, a private alternative lender, which provided financing to borrowers and businesses that lacked access to traditional credit. Mr. Kirsch was an integral part of the management team in charge of business development and was responsible for the origination and acquisition of over $100MM of commercial and residential loans. Earlier, Mr. Kirsch began his career at a firm specializing in distressed residential mortgages. Mr. Kirsch participated at all levels in the acquisition and management of $2.2B loan portfolios. Mr. Kirsch received a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami.

Marc Delnon

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Delnon has spent 19 years in the financial industry working for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and more recently Credit Suisse where as a Managing Director, he developed numerous key relationships and built and managed various teams across CIS and Eastern Europe. In 2015 Marc acted as the Head of UHNWI UK International in Zurich and was a Member of the UHNWI Northern & Eastern European Management Committee. Moreover, he was chairing the UHNWI Investment Committee in 2015 and 2016. Delnon serves as a Advisory board member to DRI Capital.

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